From "wholeheartd manufacturing" to "manufacturing excellence"

Head Office
27-8, Uozakihamamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, 658-0024, Japan

Miki Factory
18, Tomoe, Bessyocho, Miki, 673-0443, Japan


At PRETEC, we strive to give our customers the best in metalworking

Pretec Co.,Ltd. to expand the potential for metal processing

In the race against manufacturing at the lowest cost possible, we here at Pretec Co.,Ltd. aim to create the best possible metalworking through careful planning and interaction with our customers, proposals and numerous prototypes and trials to meet their real needs,bearing in mind to "manufacturing excellence".

  • [27 May,2010]Osamu Tada appointed as President/Chief Executive Officer

What we propose as a Total Producer of Metalworking

Unconstrained by existing technology, we introduce new technology in metalworking

With what is considered the norm in common processing methods and press processing style gradually changing, we propose consistent quality with considerations of what is really important in terms of strength, functions and cost, which also bring benefits to our customers.


Experienced features with an overall design approach

With the quality, delivery and cost of productions being ever so competitive, there exist the limit of cost reduction in single components level. For that, taking into consideration the functions, we propose a total planning implementation, from the first stage of product design.